• Robert Lewis Heron

The Adventures of Hamish McHamish: The St Andrews Cat

To date, I have published five kids' books, ages 4-10, for a Scottish non-profit charity: The Hamish Foundation (, based in St Andrews, Fife, Scotland. Four adventure tales plus a coloring book are available on Amazon. More adventures to follow soon.

Hamish McHamish (1999-2014) was a ginger cat that lived in the University town of St. Andrews on the east coast of Fife, Scotland. He was the inspiration for The Hamish Foundation, a Charity (SCO45383) that raises funds focused on young people. There is a bronze statue to Hamish in St. Andrews.

Hamish McHamish is one groovy cat at making friends and helping people.

St. Andrews is his town and where his adventures take place.

All books open with Hamish dreaming of something he would love to have. For example, when Hamish dreams of Fish'n'chips, or Cheese, or an Aquarium, or sweets and lollipops he soon sets off on his quest. Along with help from his many friends like Daisy Donkey, Sammy seagull, Morag the Mermaid, Alex the Alien, the children of St. Andrews, and Count Wontu Fyv, he soon finds himself on an adventure. The adventures vary from golf competitions, to under-the-sea castles, to walking on the moon, to visiting a haunted house.

· Full color 8.5”x8.5” pages

· The Hamish McHamish adventure books are in a series.

· Paper and electronic copies can be purchased directly through Amazon, the Hamish Foundation (, or in local St Andrews book shops.

· All books are perfect for shared reading with a child.


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