• Robert Lewis Heron

My Story Wins The 2019 Sarasota Fiction Writers Contest

The rules and guidelines for the 2019 Sarasota Fiction Writer's contest stated this year's theme was on the life and work of Salvador Dali. The story to be 2,500 words or less. A fictional piece to be frightening, dramatic, romantic, thrilling, humorous, sci-fi, western, etc. In other words, a freedom to create whatever you like around a Dali theme.

Why Dali I hear you ask...well he is the 2020 artist being honored by Sarasota's awesome Selby Gardens Botanical Gardens. Previous artists honored have been Chagall (2017), Warhol (2018) and Gauguin (2019).

My short story, judged the winner by the head of creative writing at Sarasota's Ringling College, was inspired by Dali's artistic ability to create art which visually morphs from one subject to another. Dali's painting, 'Persistence of Memory, 1931', combines three art genres: the still life, the landscape and the self-portrait. As you look and stare and look and stare and stare some more, the picture morphs between three different images. A painting with a multiple identity crisis...incredible, awesome yet mind-blowingly artistic. Magnifique mis amigos.

My story can be found under the main heading 'Short Stories' (click Other/Short Stories/Contest Winner).

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