• Robert Lewis Heron

5 Ways To Read Me

How do I know if your writing is for me?..easy ;-)

[1] I have listed my writing genres along my main menu headings found at the top of web pages if on the computer, or by clicking the top 'Menu' box at the top of your iPhone display...Blog-Dystopian-Mystery-Romance-Other.

Under 'Other' you shall find Historic Fiction-Horror-Short Stories-Children's Books-Poetry.

Just click on one and pick your choice found under each heading. My novels and novellas shall have individual chapters upload weekly.

[2] Buy one of my books from Amazon by clicking on any 'Buy Now' button. Both paper and digital are available of completed titles.

[3] Come to a book signing. I shall keep you informed of where and when.

[4] Contact me direct for a special signed copy. All 'signed' copies come with a free gift. The 'gifts' are unique...a piece of my art (i.e. unframed book jacket design, pen sketch, etc.), a new poem or short story as yet not published.

[5] If you are a member of Kindle you may find free copies of finished fiction for free downloads.

My Blog posts are to keep folks informed on what I'm working on. Snippets of my new writing, ideas, and thoughts shall be put up for your amusement, delectation and comment.

Story Ideas

I am working on a new story telling concept...Postnotales. A double sided accordion fold out card (4"x7" tri-fold) containing a short story and artwork.

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